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What are services you offer?
Basically, we provide Photography, Videography, and Design. For photography, we shoot everything
that is used for commercial purpose. For video production, we specialize in food digital commercials and we also do corporate videos. We do design as well, we can create packagings, brochures, menus, posters, billboards, print ads, labels, all branding communications, and corporate identity. 
Do you rent or do you own the equipment?
We have our own equipment but sometimes it's necessary to rent from other suppliers. We also want to point out that we also rent our own equipment to ourselves to get our ROI although we keep the rental cost down to the minimum.
Do you have a studio?
Right now we are still looking for a new studio that fits all our criteria. It's kinda hard to find a space with ample parking, high ceiling and located in Makati or Ortigas. We will update our website as soon as we move into a new studio. While we are still looking, we rent out studios or we shoot at the client's place.
How much do you charge?
All projects rates are based on the complexity of the project. We need to meet with the client and determine how much creative time is needed for the design, how many setups when it comes to photography and how complex the film production will be. It all depends on the requirement. If you have a need let's talk.
Can we negotiate the rate?
Yes, we are easy to talk to and work with. We look for clients who can make us their creative partner on a long-term basis. This is why our rates are affordable. 
Do you accept projects from overseas?
Yes, we do but it depends on the requirement. 
How do I book your services?
You can start by sending us an email: pixelpro@ronnelcuison or calling 0917-8228146 or 0908-8197975. Then we can discuss over the phone or we can set up a meeting so we can show you our updated portfolio and guide you through the process. It's really easy.
Why should we hire you?
Our work speaks for us. We have over 20 years of experience. You will see the brands that gave us their trust over the years. There are many clients who worked with us for over 15 years because we provide quality photos, designs, and videos. We are professional, easy to work with and we value our relationship with our clients.
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