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Still looking for a new studio

So do you need a studio? It depends on what type of photographer you are. If you are into portraits it's a no brainer, yes you need one. If you are a commercial photographer and you can afford it, you should. It's a good thing to have your home base. A place where you can really work your best and be creative.

What are the advantages of having a studio?

1. You can shoot any time all the time. You don't need to worry about where to shoot, you don't need to rent.

2. It makes you more legit and it gives you an edge over your competitor. 3. It give you confidence. When clients ask where is your studio? You already have an answer and when you answer you say it with pride.

4. You can shoot whatever you want. Shoot anytime and be creative because you have the luxury of having your own space.

5. I doubles as an event place or function room for meetings, vtrs etc.

6. You can also shoot videos. If the space is big enough you can make a set for a short film, commercial, talent shoots etc. You can create stock videos anytime you want.

What are the disadvantages of having a studio?

1. The cost. It's not cheap. It's a liability if it's just sitting there and not being utilised. You need to pay for the utilities such as electricity, studio staff, invest in gears, renovation etc.

2. When located far from your home shooting in your studio can be a inconvenient. Here in Metro Manila the traffic is bad and it takes 1-2 hours just to get to my old studio from where I live.

Right now we are hunting for a commercial space with high ceiling, own restroom, with parking area and accessible to major roads in Makati.

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