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Racks Real Deal Burger Behind the scenes

We created an ad for Racks' new Burgers. We shot the stills and some footages at the restaurant then we continued the rest of the shots at home. Here you can see our fs5 is paired with our laowa 24 mm macro probe lens. Our imac served as the background playing a fire video. The burgers are slowly rotating with the lazy susan. Our lights are all led, 2 aputure 120d and 1 litepanel fresnel light. All are flicker free with high frame rates. The lighting was tricky, we couldn't put our lights to the max because it will over power the imac's screen. We managed to balance the exposure and it worked really well. The challenge was the lens. It starts with f14. We needed so much light to expose properly and the footage is a bit yellowish or warm. This particular laowa lens has a warm tint to it. It's not a bad thing but it required a lot of color grading.


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