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Food Video for Kenny Roger's Roasters

These are some behind the scene shots of our recent Kenny Roger's Roasters video and photoshoot. I have a set up for the video (on the foreground) and photo on the upper portion of the photo.

I used a diffuser made of tracing paper then I cut some small holes to let some of the lights through and hit the food with some hard light while maintaining some soft quality light.

This is an elinchrom head with a mount converter which allowed me to attach an aputure fresnel attachment. This can make the light more focused and narrow.

We were fortunate to have a big TV in the location so we were able to view the video with all its detail. We don't really need a production TV if we are viewing with clients, they don't care about the color and all the tech that's going on with a production monitor. In my opinion a big high resolution TV will do the job and probably much better because we can see the tiny details quite clearly.

Here's an Aputure 120d with a generic softbox.

Another view of the set up with the TV. The tv is connected to the atomos ninja inferno which records the footage in apple prores 422. I use the footage recorded with the atomos rather than the internal recording of the camera. The quality if so much better but the file size is huge.

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