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Photo and video shoots after the Covid Lockdown, no worries!

Things will never be the same and we need to adapt to the new normal. We need to practice social distancing and wear protective equipment to prevent getting infected by the covid 19 virus.

When the quarantine is over, we propose that shoots be done with fewer people in the studio. We can have skype approval and real time client monitoring on the actual event happening during the shoots. This will protect clients and ad agencies from the virus. Our studio will be sanitized and protective equipment will provided such as gloves, face masks, face shields, shoe covers, hand sanitizers and soaps. A dedicated personel shall be assigned to regularly disinfect all surfaces, knobs, and restrooms. Oh, we shall have thermal scanners as well.

We can still accomplish our goals, it may not be as easy as before but we can do it together. Let's us all be safe. SEE YOU!


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